Praesterno Foundation is a non-profit organization. Its core fields of activity are adolescents drug prevention, assistance for drug addicts, and social exclusion prevention.

One of the leading projects of Praesterno Foundation is Program for Counteracting Social Pathology in Adolescents. Every year over 800 youngsters take part in a 10-month program and up to 50 support groups are set, in which youths become part of supervised and assisted peer environment, in which they together can face and discuss all that relates to adolescence: daily problems, personal values, identity issues, as well as practice necessary social skills. This program is described in English on the Exchange on Drug Demand Reduction Action (EDDRA) website, which provides details on a wide range of evaluated prevention, treatment and harm reduction interventions. Since 1994, programs for adolescents have been run in 8 local youth-centers operated by Praesterno Foundation in Bielsko-Biała, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Kraków, Lublin, Łódź, Puławy, and Wrocław, in cooperation with schools and parents.

Since 2004 to 2012 and then again since 2016 website has been operated by Praesterno Foundation on behalf of the National Bureau for Drug Prevention. The website provided information and professional assistance aimed at drug addiction and drug prevention. The key activity consisted of providing guidance for drug users and their families and friends, which is done through email. This service was completely anonymous, which means that inquirers were not required to disclose their names. Till the end of 2009 more than 7,000 answers has been sent.

During past years Praesterno Foundation has run various research programs, continuing education for adults programs, and other actions within the scope of psychological and physical health, promotion and support of education and social assistance.

Praesterno Foundation is also the publisher of the quarterly Serwis Informacyjny UZALEŻNIENIA (“News Bulletin on Addiction”, previously „Serwis Informacyjny NARKOMANIA”), as well as non-periodicals.

The management office is located in Warsaw.